Monday, 20 June 2011


This is the story of my life, to you it may seem like a never ending chain of depressing adjectives, strung together to form an equally depressing line, creating what I would call, a depressing story. To me this is not just a story, this is my life, therefore I can not guarantee that the ending of this adventure of adjectives will be a happy one, and the reason for this, well my story isn't quite over. I may have a day, a decade, a century to go before my story ends, but the events leading up to this moment, where I have for the first time put pen to paper, are moments I feel I must share.
I often think what it would be like to write a novel, to finally finish the work. The immense excitement of it, the sheer pleasure one must feel while holding a manuscript and thinking, I have achieved this. To me this is why books finish with the words "The End" ,or if your middle class the word "Fin". The pure joy that comes with the opportunity to write such words only comes around every so often, and personally I would take advantage of the fact that nobody would judge me for writing them, unlike if I wrote it on the bottom of a tax return form.
But all of this does nothing to convince you to read on to another chapter, none of it is hooking. My appalling writing style and bad punctuation just puts you off. Well what can I say to convince you otherwise. Within the pages you may or may not read, is a love story, but not the usually Girl gets Boy and falls madly in love. This story is about an average girl, and her average life and how she fell in love but was was never loved back. Here is a story of hopes that are crushed and tears that are shed. This is the story of unrequited love,